Memberlite is a theme we designed exclusively for membership sites and it is tightly integrated for use with Paid Memberships Pro. If you don’t already have Memberlite, you can now install it directly via your WordPress Dashboard. To install, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New and search for “Memberlite”.

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This has been a long journey.

Two years ago, we made the decision to work to release Memberlite in the Theme Directory. It hasn’t been an easy or quick path. The Theme Directory has incredibly high standards and a sizable queue of themes to be reviewed.

After a 6-month wait, one unsuccessful review, an in-depth paid review by, another 3-month wait, and this latest review from the WordPress Theme Review team, Memberlite is now available through your WordPress dashboard.

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I have a huge amount of respect for the theme review process and the volunteers who regularly review themes for

Along the review process, we made several passes over the entire code base of Memberlite and learned a lot along the way. Over the past two years, I watched as the standards got higher, the tools got better, and the process got faster. The themes available for free from are some of the best, most well-vetted themes available for WordPress. Memberlite is better for having gone through this process. All of our code is better for having gone through this process.

Regarding Updates

We just released the latest version of Memberlite (v4.2) to both our own upgrade server and the Theme Directory. You should see a notice to update to version 4.2 in your dashboard under Dashboard > Updates.

All users should be able to safely update to the latest version of the theme. If you have an older version of Memberlite, please check that you have installed and activated the Memberlite Shortcodes and Memberlite Elements plugins. These plugins replace some functionality that had to be moved out of the theme itself as part of the review process. Backing up before updating is always a good idea.

This version 4.2 update may come from our servers or via the update server. In both cases, your Memberlite theme will be using the same code. After this upgrade, all future theme updates will be delivered directly through the servers.

Memberlite Theme in Customizer

A special note for our support-level members:

If you are a premium member of this site or for Paid Memberships Pro, thank you for your support.

There is no required change with your account. You will continue to receive updates for Memberlite and the related plugins. You will still receive support from us through the support area on this site. We are currently working on releasing new child themes for Memberlite, which will be made available only to support-level members via this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us here.

Please Review our Theme

If you’re pleased with how Memberlite has been working on your site, we would appreciate you taking the time to add a review in the theme repository.

A higher rating will help others find Memberlite, and the more users the theme has, the more support we will have in maintaining the theme.