A list of filters available in Memberlite to allow you to modify the appearance of specific theme elements via custom functions.


Toggle the display of the masthead.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_banner_show', bool true );


Filter the output of the entire content of the masthead area.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_masthead_content', string $content );


Filter the text or icon displayed in the “Back to Top” link at the bottom right footer area.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_back_to_top', string $content );


Modify the default arguments of the custom header. Refer to the full documentation on Custom Headers in the WordPress Codex for available defaults.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_custom_header_args', array $args );


Adjust the columns ratio on a 12-column scale for your site’s header, masthead, or primary content area. Available locations include “header-right”, “header-left”, “masthead”, and “sidebar”. Do not specify a location to target the main content area.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_columns_ratio', int $r, string $location );


Adjust the page title output in the masthead or add additional content to the default title area.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_page_title', string $page_title_html );


A helper filter that aggregates all loop pages for “blog”-like content. Use this filter to specify additional content types that should return “true” as blog pages or remove some content types from the array.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_is_blog', string $is_blog );


An array of widget_areas available in the theme or extended by the use of the Custom Sidebars features of Memberlite Elements.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_get_widget_areas', array $widget_areas );


Use a custom function to toggle the display of your site’s breadcrumbs.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_show_breadcrumbs', bool true );


Filter to hide only the “Home” link in the string of breadcrumbs generated by the theme.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_hide_home_breadcrumb', bool false );


Filter whether the banner image should be shown or not for the given post.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_should_show_banner_image', bool $r, $post_id );


Filter the source and size of the image to be used as the banner image.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_banner_image_src', string $memberlite_banner_image_src, string $size );


Set or adjust the default content width (in pixels) for your primary content area.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_content_width', int $width );


Modify the default arguments of the custom background. Refer to the full documentation on Custom Background in the WordPress Codex for available defaults.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_custom_background_args', array $args );


Toggle the display of the “Register” link in the Member Menu area enabled via Appearance > Customize > Show Login/Member Info in Header.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_show_register_link', bool $show_register_link );


Filter to modify which sidebar is used, allowing templates and child themes to modify theme settings via custom code.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_get_sidebar', int $name );


Adjust the output of the post’s entry meta to be displayed in the masthead title area or below the post content in the loop or on the single post view. The $location attribute of the filter accepts “before” or “after”.

apply_filters( 'memberlite_get_entry_meta', string $meta, object $post, string $location );


Adjust or remove included color schemes or add additional color schemes for your site. The return of this filter is an array of arrays of color scheme HEX colors in the format:

array ( 
	'scheme_name' => array ( 
		'Header Text Color',
		'Background Color',
		'Primary Navigation Background Color',
		'Primary Navigation Link Color',
		'Link Color',
		'Meta Link Color',
		'Primary Color',
		'Secondary Color',
		'Action Color', ), 
apply_filters( 'memberlite_color_schemes', array( 'scheme_name' => array( ... ) ) );